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Change your family's legacy one dollar at a time


Whether it is income from your job or spare change you picked up in the car, you have likely handled money in some capacity, but although you may handle money regularly, you may not have been taught how to manage money with intention.

Managing money with intention is simply having a plan for your money. Money comes in and goes out within what seems to be a blink of an eye. We are often left wondering where our money has gone after the rent (or mortgage), utilities, daycare tuition, student loan payments, and credit card bills are paid. Developing a simple plan for your finances helps you live the life you want and there is no second-guessing about where your money could have ended up.

I know that feeling all too well of looking in your bank account and wondering what you could have possibly spent all your money on. I learned that a plan relieves fear, anxiety, and worry and can even help you save money and invest more in the long run.

Learning key money management skills like, conducting a spend analysis to see exactly where your money has been, creating a simple budget so you can tell every dollar where to go, understanding debt payoff methods that work and lastly, how to save money for emergencies are invaluable on the path to financial freedom. I talk about these skills in more detail in my free e-guide, Managing Money with Intention.

It is my hope that you will gain control of your finances to build wealth and begin changing your family's legacy one dollar at a time.


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