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Get our Couple’s Guide to Managing Money with Intention 

Searching for a way to escape the stress money worries cause?

It’s time to turn your partner into your lifelong ally…


Feeling overwhelmed by the impact money has on your relationship?


Wish there was a way to come together and work as a real team?



We’ve already been there and done it…

It’s 2017, we’ve just returned from our honeymoon, and we know we have to do something to shift the burden of $123K of student debt. What did we do? We decided this was the moment to come together, work as a team, and a lay out a plan. Now it’s time we shared it with you…


The Couple’s Guide to Managing Money with Intention 

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When you passionately commit to breaking down communication barriers and playing to your strengths as a couple, you really can achieve massive shifts in your life. It’s about coming together, finding ways forward and sharing bright ideas without judgements.


Most of all, it’s about acting with intention every single day so that you’re constantly building something greater together.

Ready to start getting intentional?

Start crushing your goals with a click…

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How does the guide work to bring you even closer?

Inside you’ll find everything you need to act with intention, take the steps that will set you free like never before, and finally start living on your own terms:


  • How to analyze your spending so you can see exactly what’s going out 

  • How to create a plan for your money and start using it with intention

  • The Zero Based Budgeting Method that gives you back control of your money

  • The 50/30/20 Budgeting Method & Cash Envelopes Method everyone swears by

  • Ways to Build an Emergency Fund that will relieve the stress when you need it most

  • We’ll talk Sinking Funds, High Yield Savings Account, and Debt Pay Off Methods

  • Plus an Exclusive List of Recommended Resources that will instantly put you ahead 

But wait there's more! 

Don't forget our gift to you!

FREE Google Sheet Templates with Formulas 

  • Spend Analysis Template 

  • Zero-Based Budget Template 

  • 50/30/20 Budget Template 

  • Debt Pay off Template

And almost forgot this too...

Claim your FREE printable now!

60 Questions to Ask Your Partner About Money 

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Now you know what we have to offer, 

there’s only one question left to ask: 

Ready to start getting intentional?

Start crushing your goals with a click...


only $27

Limited Time Only 

Manage Money Together


the Couple's Money Start Kit!

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