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We're Anjie & RJ and we're here to inspire you to be rich by intention.

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Rich by Intention - Anjie & RJ

Our Story

Anjie and RJ are a millennial, married couple and the founders of Rich by Intention. Their mission is to empower couples to manage their money and everyday life with intention by eliminating debt, saving money, and investing for their future. 


After paying off $123K of student loan debt in a year, they are now on a path to financial freedom. Their story has been featured on Good Morning America, Business Insider, and Black Enterprise.

RJ and Anjie are hosts of the award-winning Rich by Intention Podcast, where they share the stories of powerful and ambitious people and couples to inspire listeners to take action to build the life they desire.

Start getting Intentional

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It all starts with Intention 

Rich by Intention is so much deeper than managing money and building wealth. Our hope is to encourage you to be rich in your marriage, rich in relationships rich in purpose, rich in life, and ultimately, rich by intention. 


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