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Ep.19: How To Slay The Stock Market to Reach Financial Freedom With Delyanne Barros

Delyanne is a Latina money expert and former employment attorney. She launched Delyanne The Money Coach LLC after she discovered FIRE (Financial Independence Relax Early as she likes to call it). She is now on track to retire by 45 and move to Portugal. Her goal is to show investors that they do not need to wait to become debt-free or earn six figures in order to reach financial freedom. Over 2,500 students have enrolled in her Slay The Stock Market course. She has been featured on CNN, TIME, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance highlighting her work in support of financial literacy. You can find her on Instagram and TikTok under the handle @delyannethemoneycoach.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to invest your money

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with likeminded people

  • The steps Delyanne took to take control of her finances and slay the stock market

Connect with Delyanne:


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